Dewi Kreckman-on-One Personal Coaching

Would you like to have Dewi Kreckman work directly with you to help you create a new business or grow a business as immigrant in USA? Work with Dewi Kreckman to generate rapid results in your business

Silver Hour Investment
Dewi Kreckman Coaching
IDR 7.000.000 per/hour
Gold Investment 1-day
Dewi Kreckman Coaching
IDR 20.000.000 (4 Hour)
Platinum One Year
Dewi Kreckman Coaching
IDR 350.000.000
  • 8 Hours Per Month Remotely Face-to-Face
  • 2 Emergency Calls Per Month
  • Access to ALL VIP Events Behind the Scenes Plus

Add accommodation (flight and hotel) if Dewi would be coming to you. Otherwise, all consulting is done remotely and face-to-face through (ZOOM) video conferencing. There are no refunds or guarantees. All consulting fees and travel expenses are paid upfront.